Application support with our SAP HCM Maintenance Service

Numerous customers benefit from our maintenance and support services in their daily work with the SAP ERP HCM applications. 

Our SAP HCM maintenance service includes the following application support services among others:

  • Fiscal year change and support packages
  • Statutory changes
  • Changes in collective agreements and pay scale provisions
  • Changes to interface descriptions
  • Flow and process optimizations
  • Development of know-how
  • Additional resources to handle peak demands
  • Expert knowledge on specialized topics

We guarantee consistent operations!

With our service offering, we free up your resources by taking on maintenance and support tasks, including the following:

  • Ensuring ongoing business operations in compliance with legal regulations
  • Failsafe support
  • Optimum transparency of maintenance activities
  • Maintaining mutual independence between the service provider and customer
  • Excluding the concealed supply of temporary workers
  • Provisions for updating and expanding the supported HCM systems

Core elements of our SAP HCM Maintenance Service:

  • Info service: We monitor SAP notes and HCM patches, and regularly select them according to urgency. Customers are informed of relevant SAP notes as well as the required preliminary and follow-up work at regular intervals.
  • Hotline service / guaranteed availability
  • Central point of contact
  • System stability thanks to the maintenance team
  • Clear assignment of priorities
  • Defined response and processing times
  • Ticket monitoring and documentation (task and budget administration)
  • Customer-specific mix of remote and on-site support (jour fixes)
  • Current user documentation for SAP HCM processes
  • If desired, deployment of our own quality assurance solutions proven in practice (TransCrypt, Compare)

Allotment, on-demand service, or maintenance level concept

We tailor our HCM maintenance service to the individual needs of our customers. Talk to us – we aim to provide appropriate support for all relevant questions to our customers at all times.