User Experience (UX) – complex SAP software becomes easy to use

Many companies want to combine SAP software with a positive user experience in addition to implementing technical functionality. Numerous modern options to achieve this are available today. The visual appearance of the SAP user interface including mobile device connections is optimized through the use of up to date technologies. 

With SAP Fiori as the current UX paradigm, the reliable and complex functionality of your SAP applications is maintained but presented in a simplified form according to concrete operational procedures in HR. SAP users work with individual user interfaces configured for their processes. 

However, companies receive far more than visually appealing interfaces. The modern and intuitive layout of SAP Fiori applications improves the acceptance of SAP software in the company. Tasks can be completed more quickly and with fewer errors using restructured input screens. 

We help you with the conceptual design of the optimum UX strategy for your company, analyze how users are interacting with existing SAP solutions, and derive simplification models from the results. Program and interface designs are developed using a successful iterative process model, with the continuous integration of user and decision maker feedback during the development project.

Overview of our services:

  • We help you collect and prioritize the requirements for your UX strategy. 
  • We jointly analyze your existing IT infrastructure and define an optimum technical approach as the target state for the realization of user-friendly system interfaces and efficient workflows:

    • Implementation according to customer preferences based on current SAP technologies such as SAP Fiori, SAP Screen Personas, HCM Processes & Forms, SAP UI5, HR Renewal 

  • We determine whether a suitable SAP standard solution exists to meet your requirements and also recommend effective third-party solutions where appropriate. 
  • By request we develop entire applications, tailored to meet your individual needs.

We look forward to meeting you and familiarizing ourselves with your company's needs.