ABS Team ReportingEnabler for SAP Fiori

ABAP reports in a Fiori context

Managers and Professionals need ad hoc information to support their decision making process. It is necessary to quickly and reliably evaluate data, figures, and information from SAP systems. One established method for this purpose is to use ABAP-based SAP reports. However, which options are there for integrating reports un­der SAP Fiori?

ABS Team ReportingEnabler for SAP Fiori provides a solution and makes the extensive and proven ABAP reporting directly available in SAP Fiori. The standard version of ReportingEnabler supports the most important output formats, such as ALV and non-ALV reports. SAP Queries are also a part of the solution’s portfolio. Die App besteht aus drei Komponenten:

  • Report Launchpad (RLP): Overview of available reports, directly in Fiori
  • Report Object Selector (ROS): Selection of objects and timeframe for the execution of reports
  • Report Result Viewer (RRV): Presentation of  results in filterable and sortable tables with an an option for export

In its standard version, ABS Team ReportingEnabler for SAP Fiori already contains numerous reporting formats. The Operational Data Provisioning (ODP), a local business warehouse, can also be directly integrated. If further output formats and data sources are desired, it may be possible to implement these directly with your own resources.