Reliable networking of systems and information with SAP Integration

Personnel data constitute an important source of essential basic information in many central business processes. From approvals, budgeting, accounting, and project planning to production planning and the structuring of access rights. Concrete and error-free employee data, such as HR master data for organization management, are required for the reliable structuring of process flows. Continuous workflows also have to be realized between different process areas without constantly confronting users with new user interfaces and control logic.

That is why comprehensive SAP Integration strategies consistently take three integration levels into account:

Timeliness and consistency are the key requirements for integrating SAP HCM solutions into the existing IT infrastructure. Duplicate data management must be avoided and a single point of truth has to be implemented for the various application areas in order to meet these requirements. The smallest possible number of reliable interfaces, preferably using near-standard integration scenarios, ensures the smooth exchange of information.

For complete process integration, we examine the integration between individual applications areas (such as SAP HCM and SAP FI) that is inherent to the system and the cross-system integration between different software applications and technology approaches (for instance cloud and on-premise). Complex integration scenarios may also be required between SAP HCM modules, for example in the course of the commonly practiced implementation of SAP HCM E-Recruiting as a standalone system.

The completion of process flows between networked application components has to be realized without breaks or lost time. In order to reach this goal, uniform and easy to use interfaces have to be provided for SAP users, concealing the transition between different technical applications. Ideally SAP users have just one central point of entry via SAP Portal, NetWeaverBusiness Client, SuccessFactors HCM Suite, and a customizable start page. Single sign-on eliminates the need to log on multiple times during the sequence of work and provides quick access to all relevant functions and processes. Thanks to this harmonized user experience, users can fully concentrate on their work routines in the environment of familiar, uniform user interfaces.

Our range of services

Our employees have extensive knowledge of SAP HCM processes and modules. We support the preparation and implementation of customer-specific integration concepts with our knowledge of the integration requirements for various SAP HCM applications. On the basis of existing infrastructures, we can reliably determine what system interfaces are required for a continuous flow of data.